Session Information

Your session will take place at a location of your choice.  All outdoor sessions take place either in the morning or late afternoon/early evening, when the natural light is at it's best.  My favorite time of the day for outdoor sessions is in the evening during that "golden hour" of light before sunset.  Sessions typically last 1-2 hours.  Sessions should be fun and relaxed.  I encourage you and your children to play and enjoy yourselves.  It is in those playful moments that the most honest expressions of love and joy are captured.
Newborn Sessions
I prefer to see newborns around or before the 5 to 7-day mark.  They are still very sleepy at this time and are much easier to pose.  Newborn sessions can easily last up to 3 hours; we will take as much time as we need to allow for feedings, diaper changes and cuddling.  To ensure a session date, please call to schedule your session while you are still pregnant, preferably sometime during your second trimester.  I will put you on the calendar around the time of your due date to allow time for your session.  Simply give me a call when the baby arrives and a set date/time for your session will be established.
Sessions for Babies and Young Children
Should be scheduled for the time of the day that they are usually happiest and most ready to play.  This is usually during the morning for most children.
Imaginative and Fine Art Sessions
These sessions, along with glamour/beauty and petite couture sessions, are my absolute favorite sessions to do!  These sessions typically include one composite image or a small series of composited images.  Even though these sessions do not produce as many images as a regular session, the amount of time spent on these sessions is equivalent to or greater than a typical session due to the amount of time spent shooting all elements of the composition and the extensive amount of photo-manipulation required for most of these images.
I only book a limited number of sessions each month.  There are certain times of the year that are busier than others, particularly late spring and early fall.  Appointments during the busy times of the year fill up very quickly.  Please be sure to schedule at least 3 to 6 weeks in advance to ensure an appointment.