About Laura

My name is Laura and I am a custom photographer located in Northwest Arkansas.  While I love photography, I am first and foremost a wife and the mom of two wonderful sons and a beautiful daughter.  I am a believer in my Lord & Savior Jesus Christ.  I love family.  I love chocolate a little more than I should.  I enjoy having a little coffee in my flavored creamer.  :)  I swear I could eat my weight in salsa or guacamole. I LOVE baseball (go Cards!)!!!  I love nothing more than watching my kids play baseball, basketball and soccer. I live in a house that is full of legos, transformers, princess dolls, art created by my kiddos and LOTS of love, laughter and photographs!   I love the opportunities photography affords me....I am invited into some of the most wonderful times of my clients' lives!  And, by the time a session ends, I have gained not only clients but also new friends.
I have always had a passion for creative outlets...as a child I was always drawing, painting, scrapbooking...and taking pictures. I was the girl in school that always had a camera with her and I was always using it.  Although my degree is in Biology, my favorite classes in college were my photography classes and the time spent in the darkroom learning about all aspects of the photographic process.  My life each day has always been something I never wanted to forget, so I've always tried to capture each moment on film.  Photography allows me to combine my love of family and of art.  It was when my first son was born that I rediscovered my passion for photography.  Each day I was humbled and amazed.  This precious little baby was growing and changing so quickly and I wanted to remember each tiny detail.  I didn't want to forget a single moment of our new life together as a family.  I love telling stories through pictures and I wanted to be able to tell our story.
My mission is to capture these fleeting moments in life for others and help them tell their stories.  I truly believe that photography is not just about taking a picture.  It is about capturing moments, creating art and family heirlooms to pass down for generations.  My desire is to create pieces of art that clients want to have in their homes for a lifetime.  Ultimately, I hope my clients enjoy my art as much as I enjoy creating it.